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10 Steps to Music Licensing 101


  1. What genres of music get placed most frequently.
  2. How to prepare your music for licensing.
  3. How to get your music to music supervisors.
  4. The number one reason artist fail.
  5. How to create multiple streams of income.
  6. How to motivate yourself.
  7. Building your musical legacy.
  8. Marketing and branding your music.
  9. How to invest in your craft.
  10. How to be patient, and persistent.

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10 Steps to better sleep

1. Have a strict routine involving regular and adequate sleeping times
2. Have a relaxing bedtime routine enabling – relax & ‘wind down’ before bedtime
3. Have a hot drink
4. Sleep in a familiar, dark and quiet room
5. Don’t become anxious or annoyed and try to force yourself to sleep.
6. Take regular exercise during the daytime
7. Implement some simple lifestyle changes 
8. Eat adequate evening meal containing balance of complex carbohydrates & protein. 
9. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, particularly in the evening
10. If insomnia persists despite these measures, seek advice from a physician

READ MORE: By Neel Burton M.D. – Psychology Today

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10 Steps to a less stressful holiday

1. Ask for family or friend input

2. Spend the holidays at home
3. Limit optional events
4. Resist the urge to be Martha Stewart
5. Get choosy about Christmas cards
6. Stress the spiritual
7. Shrink the Wish list
8. Don’t shop till you drop
9. Hire Santa’s helpers
10. Give yourself time-out

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10 Steps to create a blog

Create a blog in 10 EASY Steps

1 Choose a Topic Blog and domain name generators
2 Get a Domain Name and Hosting Hostgator
3 Install WordPress
4 Choose a WordPress Theme (I recommend ThemeForest)
5 Install WordPress Plugins
6 Setup Your Email JetPack
Write Your First Post
Edit Your Post
Share Your Post on Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+
10 Track Your Blog Stats Using Google Analytics

READ MORE: By Tarik Pierce  
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