Do It Yourself in 10 Steps

10 Steps To Start a Blog (When You Aren’t a Computer Geek)


1. Decide on your end goal: Money or Pleasure.
2. Determine your niche: What do you want to write about?
3. Choose a name for your blog
4. Get hosting for your blog Bluehost
5. Get WordPress for your blog WordPress
6. Choose a theme for your blog

7. Create a logo for your blog Canva 
8. Start writing on your blog
9. Create graphics for posts Pixabay
10. Making money from your blog How to Blog for Profit Without Selling your Soul by Ruth Soukup. Study it. Elite Blog Academy

READ MORE: By Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter at busy

I came across this great article “The Easiest Way To Start a Blog (When You Aren’t a Computer Geek)” when trying to come up with a resourceful way to make more money from home. I have always been a little techie and I felt I could start my own blog after reading Rosemarie’s article. I accomplished doing steps 1 to 9 in 24 hours and now I am researching step 10.

About Rosemarie:
“I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. You love saving money (and occasionally spending it on things that mean the world to you). You love creating a home instead of  just a house. You love the idea of a simpler life, and enjoying each and every moment of it.

Welcome home! Consider me your virtual best friend. I’ll share all my secrets and you can tell me yours.

I put an emphasis on simple. We don’t need five thousand dollar closet makeovers. We need closet organization ideas for less than $15. We need to learn and teach that having less means you will enjoy it more.  

We know that while you wish you had that 300 square foot pantry with customized labels, what you need is step by step tutorials on changes you can make now to get that pantry one day. I’m not against spending money. I’m just passionate about spending money on the things that I care about and eliminating spending on the things that I don’t. 

You can always see my exact numbers, how much I spent before, how much I spend now and what the cost savings is of a change over one year. Even recipes include current prices from national stores.”

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