Do It Yourself in 10 Steps

10 Steps to making a frame for large scale art


1. Cut the wood to size Anawalt Lumber 
2. Pre-drill holes to screw the pieces together
3. Fill in gaps/screw holes with epoxy wood repair Modable Epoxy 
4. Sand out any bumps
5. Paint it white
6. Place the painting back in the frame
7. Stare at the succulents on your terrace and think about how much you love them!
8. Using four screws, affix the frame to the painting
9. Patch your screw holes. Again
10. Hang your painting, then hang out with it!

READ MORE: By Hommemaker Founder Orlando Soria

Hommemaker Founder Orlando Soria is an interior designer, writer, and visual artist who lives in Los Angeles, California where serves as the Creative Director for Homepolish. He got his start on HGTV as Emily Henderson‘s on-camera assistant on the home makeover series Secrets From A Stylist. A graduate of Cornell’s University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning and The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design, Orlando has been a professional designer for eight years. He is currently working on a book of do-it-yourself projects and interior design inspiration, slated for a Spring 2018 release.

If you are interested in design services from Orlando or another member of the Homepolish team, please contact their office.


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