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10 Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Increase your knowledge about diabetes and its complications.
  2. Eat the 5 “live” super foods
  3. Stop eating the 5 “dead” processed foods.
  4. Perform blood glucose testing at least 4 times a day.
  5. Perform exercise consistently.
  6. Perform cleansing/detoxification periodically.
  7. Take a wholefood-based nutritional supplement.
  8. Work with your doctor, diabetes health coach and other healthcare professionals.
  9. Obtain emotional support by connecting with your inner spirit.
  10. Develop an overall (proactive) wellness plan.
READ MORE: Death to Diabetes), by DeWayne McCulley. 
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10 Steps to better sleep

1. Have a strict routine involving regular and adequate sleeping times
2. Have a relaxing bedtime routine enabling – relax & ‘wind down’ before bedtime
3. Have a hot drink
4. Sleep in a familiar, dark and quiet room
5. Don’t become anxious or annoyed and try to force yourself to sleep.
6. Take regular exercise during the daytime
7. Implement some simple lifestyle changes 
8. Eat adequate evening meal containing balance of complex carbohydrates & protein. 
9. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, particularly in the evening
10. If insomnia persists despite these measures, seek advice from a physician

READ MORE: By Neel Burton M.D. – Psychology Today

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10 Steps to happiness

1. Reduce Your Needs & Increase Your Responsibilities
2. Look At People Who Have Bigger Problems Than You
3. Don’t Be Unhappy About Being Unhappy
4. Drop Unpleasant Memories Of The Past & Live In The Present Moment
5. Know That Everything Is Temporary
6. Dedicate You Life To A Larger Goal
7. Take The Decision That ‘I Will Not Allow Any Situation To Bog Down My Happiness’
8. At All Costs, Save Your Mind!
9. Have Faith Because Faith By Itself Can Make You So Happy
10. Share Your Happiness With Others & It Will Grow

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10 Steps to a less stressful holiday

1. Ask for family or friend input

2. Spend the holidays at home
3. Limit optional events
4. Resist the urge to be Martha Stewart
5. Get choosy about Christmas cards
6. Stress the spiritual
7. Shrink the Wish list
8. Don’t shop till you drop
9. Hire Santa’s helpers
10. Give yourself time-out

READ MORE: Naomi Rand from Parents Magazine

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Welcome to DixDIY

Welcome to DixDIY (dixdee) – a portal of DIY that YOU can do in 10 STEPS!

For the fun and serious folks, I choose what I find of interest, and I hope to save you time looking for 10 steps to get toyour request. Mainly I spend my time sourcing information and tutorials to bring you the most clear steps forward. Whether you are looking to save money, buying a house, cooking, fixing your computer or painting the list will go on.  Come back often, as I start posting my own varied tutorials! 

If you have any special requests you can contact me anytime and I will do the best to guide you.

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