Do It Yourself in 10 Steps

Month: November 2016

10 Steps to happiness

1. Reduce Your Needs & Increase Your Responsibilities
2. Look At People Who Have Bigger Problems Than You
3. Don’t Be Unhappy About Being Unhappy
4. Drop Unpleasant Memories Of The Past & Live In The Present Moment
5. Know That Everything Is Temporary
6. Dedicate You Life To A Larger Goal
7. Take The Decision That ‘I Will Not Allow Any Situation To Bog Down My Happiness’
8. At All Costs, Save Your Mind!
9. Have Faith Because Faith By Itself Can Make You So Happy
10. Share Your Happiness With Others & It Will Grow

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10 Steps to become a better cyclist

1. Climb stronger
2. Descend faster Descend on a road bike
3. Make every ride count
4. Ride harder for longer
5. Improve your bike handling
6. Ride safely in a bunch Master basic group riding skills
7. Stay motivated
8. Prepare mentally
9. Fuel effectively Eating enough to fuel your cycling
10. Recover properly

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Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones, Product Manager, Sport


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10 Steps to a less stressful holiday

1. Ask for family or friend input

2. Spend the holidays at home
3. Limit optional events
4. Resist the urge to be Martha Stewart
5. Get choosy about Christmas cards
6. Stress the spiritual
7. Shrink the Wish list
8. Don’t shop till you drop
9. Hire Santa’s helpers
10. Give yourself time-out

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10 Steps to create a blog

Create a blog in 10 EASY Steps

1 Choose a Topic Blog and domain name generators
2 Get a Domain Name and Hosting Hostgator
3 Install WordPress
4 Choose a WordPress Theme (I recommend ThemeForest)
5 Install WordPress Plugins
6 Setup Your Email JetPack
Write Your First Post
Edit Your Post
Share Your Post on Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+
10 Track Your Blog Stats Using Google Analytics

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10 Steps to buying a home

1: Start Your Research Early
2: Determine How Much House You Can Afford Affordability Calculator
3: Get Prequalified and Preapproved for credit for Your Mortgage
4: Find the Right Real Estate Agent
5: Shop for Your Home and Make an Offer helpful checklist
6: Get a Home Inspection
7: Work with a Mortgage Banker to Select Your Loan
8: Have the Home Appraised
9: Coordinate the Paperwork
10: Close the Sale

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Suggested Books

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Welcome to DixDIY

Welcome to DixDIY (dixdee) – a portal of DIY that YOU can do in 10 STEPS!

For the fun and serious folks, I choose what I find of interest, and I hope to save you time looking for 10 steps to get toyour request. Mainly I spend my time sourcing information and tutorials to bring you the most clear steps forward. Whether you are looking to save money, buying a house, cooking, fixing your computer or painting the list will go on.  Come back often, as I start posting my own varied tutorials! 

If you have any special requests you can contact me anytime and I will do the best to guide you.

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